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Marine Pure Spheres

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Marine Pure Spheres (single unit price)

...... Can I give you a tip ? Go to your local fruit market . Buy a big bag of oranges . Eat them all or make orange juice . Then take all your balls and put them into the orange bag . Then once in a while pull the said orange bags out and flush off in a bucket of aquarium water in a bucket to remove the crap that settles on them . Honestly those will be great for a while then once they start accumulating sediment and dentris it will start producing nitrates and phosphates and not remove them as efficiently . Trust me from a lot of experience with customer tanks this will save you so much hassle down the track . You will start kicking back thinking ah my tanks pumping then it will slowly build up . And when you do it . Turn off the return pump . Pull them out and rinse in a bucket of your tanks water this can be a perfect chore for water changes . Keep 2 or 3 buckets of your tank water and flush off in bucket one then flush off in bucket 2 and you may even need a 3rd bucket . This in my opinion should take place once at least every 3 months . If mine I'd do once a month . And if your worried about disturbing your good bacteria you should be fine as long as you use your tank water and not fresh artificial stuff . Use that to add to your tank . Or bag it up into 2 or 4 days depending on how much you have ? This way you can alternate and keep the efficiency up . Now this is just a tip . I see this product has made a come back and I see so many tanks with it filling whole sections and sumps in some cases . Unmanaged this could cause the "old tank syndrome " and when it's not even old . Happy Reefing