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Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon 1000g

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Dont just own a marine aquarium: allow it to thrive, with innovative reef products from Red Sea. Harvesting the natural qualities of sea salt from the flourishing coral reefs and waters of the Red Sea, Red Sea products allow hobbyists to focus on the beauty of their fish and aquarium, rather than worry about water chemistry and tank equipment.

Backed by a team of biologists, chemists and engineers, Red Sea products are the go-to for those who wish to keep their fish, aquatic plant life, and tank biology in optimal condition.

The ultimate choice for marine and reef aquarium enthusiasts, Red Seas REEF-SPEC Carbon ensures a very high total adsorption capacity and rapid extraction of many organic pollutants that are found in hobbyists reef aquariums and often missed by even the finest mechanical filters. The effectiveness of REEF-SPEC Carbon greatly reduces the chance that unwanted microorganisms will negatively impact upon your tank, such as accumulating to the point where they have significant effect on light penetration, affecting the blue and near UV-spectrum that will stimulate your corals growth.

With the correct shape, density, pH and phosphate output, plus an ultra-low ash content, REEF-SPEC out-performs many other commercially available carbons and makes for excellent filter media.