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World’s #1 Sea salts
Aquarium Systems is working constantly to improve the quality of our products. The company is solely focused on the well-being of the animals and the ease of use for the hobbyists. By applying this “Kaizen method”, we are gradually improving our products to reach an unprecedented quality, which makes Instant Ocean and Reef Crystals the most popular salts in the world.

Everyday Aquarium Systems works to have a faster dissolution, to have a better consistency from batch to batch so that the saltwater produced today will be always as good as the one from last year, surely even better.

Without any special additives to manipulate, Aquarium Systems’ salts are easy to manipulate and still do not contain nitrates and phosphates. The formulas are evolving step by step with the experience gained by our research facilities and our numerous partners such as research centres, public aquariums and fish & coral farms.