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  • Boron is very important in marine environments. Too low a concentration can slow down the growth of corals and calcareous algae, and too high a concentration can result in a build up of boric acid which can act as a bactericide, killing essential bacteria. 
  • Concentration in natural sea water is relatively low, between 4.4 mg/L and 4.8 mg/L. 
  • Monthly boron testing is therefore advisable. 
  • The Salifert Boron Profi-Test kit measures the level of naturally occurring boron in steps of 0.5 mg/L. 
  • Sufficient for up to 25 tests. 
  • Appropriate corrective measures can be taken with Salifert’s Boron Additive.

If any addition of boron compounds which occur in NSW has been done then wait atleast 24 hours after such an addition before testing with this test.

If you use boron containing compounds other than boric acid or tetraborates then it might be possible that wrong boron concentration is measured.  The pH of the water to be tested has to be between 8.00 and 8.6 otherwise somewhat deviating results might be found.

Keep out of reach of children.  Not for consumption.


  1. Place two empty test vials next to each other on a white background. 
  2. Add with the syringe 8ml (2 x 4ml) of water in the left test vial. 
  3. Add 8 drops of B-1 and 1 drop of B-3 to the left test vial and swirl gently for 20 seconds. If the color is yellow then most probably one of the criteria mentioned under IMPORTANT is not met and the test cannot be conducted. 
  4. With the same (empty) 5ml syringe draw from the left test vial 4ml and put this in the right side test vial. 
  5. Add one spoon of B-2 powder (spoon inside bottle) to the right side vial and swirl the contents of this test vial gently for 20 seconds. 
  6. Add to the right side test vial B-3 reagent drop by drop, swirling gently after each drop for 5-10 seconds until the color of the liquid in the right side vial matches (almost) with that of the left side vial. Remember when comparing colors to have a white background. 
  7. Each drop added of B-3 in step 6 corresponds to 0.5 ppm boron.

Natural Sea water contains approx. 4.4 - 4.8 ppm boron.


Manufacturer Info

Salifert is a Holland base company that produces top of the line test kits as well as tank additives and foods for marine and reef aquariums.