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Focustronic Dosetronic

Focustronic Dosetronic

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Model 1 - Dosetronic

Dosetronic is our first version and has 4 years of heavy use in the Aquarium industry and is the heavy-duty solution to your aquarium’s dosing needs. It doses a pre-set flexible schedule and works simultaneously with Alkatronic and Mastertronic to dose the necessary liquid to your system based on the tested parameters.

But unlike its little brother the DC, Dosetronic has 2 pumps that can act as the others or can be switched to continuous dosing application for Calcium and Kalkwasser reactors using pinpoint accuracy for effluent dosing based on live test results. Another use for the two pumps is that they can also be used as a AWC (Automatic Water Changer).

Dosetronic comes with 5 Stepper dosing pumps with durable hoses and quiet operation.
When combined with Alkatronic, Overall Dosing Adjustment (SDA) and Selective Dosing Adjustment (ODA) can be performed and act as autopilot for the dosing schedule based on alkalinity levels tested by the Alkatronic. With Mastertronic, the schedule can be adjusted by percentage (%) based on the tested parameters such as calcium, magnesium, and nutrients also.

Dimension: 220 x 140 x 182mm (LxWxH)

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