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Kamoer Dose Pump x5

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The Kamoer F05X Wireless dosing system is designed to make aquarium maintenance easy. Each F05X comes standard with 3 Peristaltic pumps for dosing supplements, plus 2 Stepper Pumps to perform automated water changes. 



The KSP-FO5X dosing pump is a digital pump that is controlled by a microcomputer and equipped with 5 dosing pump heads. Its designed for use with Marine Aquariums. Accurately add various elements for marine aquarium such as Ca, Mg, kh or various foods. Using the pumps automatic water change system will greatly reduce maintenance times associated with aquarium keeping. All of these features come in at a cost much lower than competing controllers with the same functionality, plus we include 5 channels.

Product features

  • Small Form Factor
  • Elegant Appearance
  • User friend PC or Smart phone interface
  • The dosing pump is controlled and operated through Wifi PC or Android
  • Real time Clock and internal memory for power outages
  • Titration can be set 1-24 times per day, also supports multi day settings such as every two days, or every other day and day of week.
  • Supports external extension of RS485
  • Automatic water change function; simply tell the software how large your system is and what % you want to change each week.
  • 2 Stepper motors, 1 Waste water and 1 New water for automatic water changes.
  • Infrared liquid level detection
  • Float high liquid detection
  • Low level detection
  • Temperature detection and threshold alarms


  • Dosing elements to marine aquariums
  • Automatic Water changes in marine or freshwater aquariums
  • Automatic Top Off for aquariums
  • Temperature monitoring in aquariums
  • Liquid distribution with laboratory quality components.