Kamoer FX-STP

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The Kamoer FX-STP is ideal for applications that require continuous dosing of liquids like gradual water changes, sulfur de-nitrators and even a hassle-free solution for using a calcium reactor.

Kamoer specifically designed the FX-STP for continuous liquid dosing in aquariums. The FX-STP pump features a compact size and quiet operation. What sets this pump apart from others is the ability to adjust the flow while running.

Using the FX-STP to feed a calcium reactor is the best method we know that provides reliable and stable long term effluent flow. It allows us to easily overcome any inconsistencies and set the reactor’s effluent with enough pressure, reliable, and predicable metered rate. 



  • Suitable for countinous dosing applications 
  • Ideal feed for calcium reactors
  • Quiet operation
  • High precision stepper motor driver
  • Adjustable flow rate setting of 1 to 120ml/min
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Memory back up - user setting saved if power lost
  • Easy to replace long life PharMed tubing
  • Dimensions: 3.25" L x 5.25" W x 5" H