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Neptune Systems

Neptune Apex Pro A3

Neptune Apex Pro A3

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Hi IMPORTANT NOTICE - Full systems do not come with Australian power bars . THIS ITEM IS NOT PART OF THIS SALE. Power bars are not opened or removed. 


  • Apex Pro Base Unit
  • Energy Bar 832
  • 6 ft Aquabus Cable
  • Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe
  • Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe
  • Temperature Probe
  • Optical Leak Sensor
  • 15" Liquid Level Sensor
  • pH calibration solutions

Neptune Systems A3 Apex PRO

  • Monitors critical parameters (temperature and pH)
  • Makes it easy to track changes in your tank through any device
  • Warns you of changes
  • Easy to install

The A3 Apex PRO is the perfect surveillance system for you when you:

  • want to monitor your aquarium at any time from any device
  • want to monitor critical parameters, such as temperature
  • want to be notified by SMS or e-mail when the parameters are outside the specifications
  • want to know when the power or Wi-Fi connection to your aquarium is lost
  • want to be alerted of a possible overflow or leakage around your aquarium
  • want to be able to automate equipment to respond to parameter changes or emergency situations
  • want to know which equipment is working efficiently and correctly
  • want to know the relative cleanliness of the aquarium water
  • want to remotely check the exact water depth in your sump reservoir
  • want to be able to easily connect other Apex-ready control boxes and devices
  • request a notification or control action based on what is above or below a certain level

The A3 APEX has the following features:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • pH monitoring
  • ORP monitoring
  • Salinity monitoring (probe sold separately)
  • 4x FMM portals
  • 6x adjustable outputs
  • 3x 1Link output
  • 2x DC 24 V output
  • 6x Digital inputs
  • Acoustic alarm Buzzer
  • Wi Fi
  • Ethernet wired
  • Liquid level monitoring
  • Optical leak detection
  • 4x variable outputs (0-10V)
  • Expandable

The Apex is a self-contained monitoring platform built for reliability – for when things go wrong – It’s not just a toy to play with when everything is A-OK.



Every Apex has a built in web-server (tech talk for its control software and built-in web interface) with complete functionality – even if the internet is down! This is important, see why. . .

Let’s say you have a power outage and want your aquarium to take the appropriate actions to maintain the fish and corals for the longest time possible. Or, what if the internet is down (or a company’s cloud servers) and you simply want to manually turn on your lights or turn off your skimmer.

Some aquarium devices work ONLY via their online cloud service, so when the internet is down or slow, you are out of luck. With the Apex, even if the internet is down, your tank will continue operating without interruption.

Monitor and Control

  • Temperature
  • orp
  • conductivity 
  • pH
  • Outlets
  • 24VDC accessories
  • WAV pumps
  • Individual outlet power consumption

What's Included?

1x ApexEL Base Unit

1x Temperature Probe

1x Double Junction pH Probe

1x 6ft AquaBus Cable

1x 7.0pH Calibration Solution Packet

1x 10.0pH Calibration Solution Packet

***Power supply must be purchased separately***

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