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pH Meter

pH Meter

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Reef Factory pH Meter

These modern intelligent devices offer, in addition to the traditional functionalities that other products also offer, numerous improvements in aquarium management, ensure safety and provide access to important information, while guaranteeing the health of the animals in your sea aquarium.

The pH meter is a device that checks the pH value in your marine aquarium.

Thanks to modern technologies, you can remotely manage the pH values ​​of your marine aquarium with this device. If the pH values ​​go outside the specified range, you will immediately receive a notification on your phone.

The set includes a high quality meter designed to function continuously.
** Delivered without ph 4 and ph 7 calibration fluids **

The data can be displayed online and the device can be set via a browser on a laptop or an app on a phone. The pH values ​​are clearly displayed. After the system is connected to the Smart Reef system, you can receive text / push / email messages directly on your phone. You can also view a summary of previous measurements, showing the fluctuations of pH values ​​over a period of time.

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