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Reef Glue Reef Addition extra thick 50g

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Our Special Extra Thick formula makes it easier to glue frags or rocks down . 

Easy to use and apply . please take caution you do not get glue onto fingers then hold fingers together for to long as it will glue them stuck . 

Please take care while fragging as some corals are very toxic , also always use in a well ventalated room . 

Best methods for using our glues are to use a soft cloth and try dab dry the area . Then apply a blob of glue then place the coral with the glue the last part to enter the water turn it around and gently rub the glue onto the new surface under water . This breaks the coat and allows the glue to quickly set to the new surface . 

The product dries quick under water . 

It is fully reef safe and won’t cause any issues . 

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