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Reef Revolution

Reef Revolution Alkalinity +

Reef Revolution Alkalinity +

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Alkalinity +

Contains a balanced solution of major, minor and trace elements that are essential for calcification, colour, and overall health and vitality for all inhabitants in your reef aquarium.

Alkalinity + is designed to replenish depleted elements used by coral, fish and other organisms in your reef aquarium. For more information on individual elements, see our elements range on our website.


Alkalinity levels should be maintained between 7-10DKH 0r 125-178 ppm


1ml of Alkalinity + in 100L of water raises the alkalinity level by 1.8 ppm (0.1 DKH)

This product can be manually dosed or with a dosing pump.

Basic dosing instructions:

Lightly stocked aquarium -0.5ml/100L daily

Medium stocked aquarium – 0.75ml/100L daily

Heavily stocked aquarium – 1.0ml/100L daily


Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Iodide, Fluoride, Bromide.

Carbonates @ 180000 ppm


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for human consumption. For marine aquarium use only. For aquarium use only.


Keep out of direct sunlight.

Always secure cap on.

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