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I got my first wild bit in 2005

it grew in my 6 foot mixed reef with minimal care or effort. Then when I moved to my shop I’m in 2007 . This came with me . I’ve almost lost it completely twice now . But lucky I have spread it out in a few of my tanks. with metallic pearl polyps and different shades of green. It’s a lovely coral . 
I have lost count on how many generations of Aquarium growth brothers and sisters . 
I love it . 

, easy to keep and great gower

These are grown in house these are frags from our display tanks , and these are very tank hardy . we only sell our frags once they have encrusted onto the plugs . All our frags are grown under LED then moved to T5 once encrusted and ready to sell . 

They do best in stable conditions and strong lighting and flow ( unless stated ) . All our frags are grown until fully settled . 

Its a Fast growing species so allow room . 

We keep them in the following conditions with great results . Ph - 7.9-84   , Alk 7.6-9 , Calcium 390-450 , Magnesium 1290-1450ppm. Salinity 1.023-1.028  Temps between 23-28deg /C .