Salifert Mega Test Pack

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This pack is Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, Nitrate, Phosphate, Nitrite, pH and Ammonia. 

This kit will allow you to test for every main tank parameter for your reef tank. 

Nitrate and phosphates you want as low as possible .While Calcium Alk and magnesium need to be as stable as possible . 

Nitrate aim for below 5ppm 

Phosphate aim for below 0.06

Calcium Aim for 430

Alk aim for a stable number between 7.0- 9dkh. keep in mind this must be stable . it can be between these numbers it must stay on that number . ie - my tank runs on 7.3 i make it stays on that all the time . 

Magnesium needs to be about 1320-1390 again stability is the key . 

Ammonia and Nitrite need to be at 0 (unless you are cycling your tank).

pH needs to be around 8.3