AQLink S1 WiFi Jebao Adapter


AQLink S1 WiFi Jebao Adapter

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The Aqualink T1 Brings wireless control to your DCT, DCS and Crossflow pumps!

(For the Original DC, PP, RW, and WP Pumps, use the Aqualink S1)

Each Aqualink T1 controls one pump, allowing you to program it through a smartphone app on any Android or Apple smartphone. You can control up to 3 pumps from the same phone.

The Aqualink adds 6 new modes (Normal / Nature / Reef Plus / Gyre / Mix / Wave Box) as well as the ability to program a custom night mode time, schedule when certain modes are active, alternate between pumps, and much more!

You can also set the pumps to run at up to 120% output or as low as 1%, and the Aqualink controller provides a more stable output voltage to the pump, reducing flow fluctuations and adding increased protection from power surges. The Aqualink also integrates with the Battery back up to provide flow in the event of a power outage (sold separately).

You can download the App, titled “AQlink” from the google play/apple app market, or scan the QR codes below with your phone:

Android App:                                                                   Apple App:


We warranty the Aqualink Controller for 12 Months from the date of purchase.