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Aqua Medic

Aqua Medic DC Runner 3

Aqua Medic DC Runner 3

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Aqua Medic DC Runner 3 controllable pumps are ideal where you need the flow just right and also the DC allows the pump to be more efficient and power friendly.

Powerful, adjustable universal pumps with App-control for aquaria

- for use as a circulation or current pump in salt or freshwater aquaria
- control and programming via App (iTunes and Google Playstore) or manually via
  the controller
- incl. controller
- simultaneous control of several pumps possible
- 24 hour performance can be programmed
- 0 - 10 V connection for external control options
- rugged pump housing
- power-saving D/C motor 24 V, high efficiency
- polished ceramic shaft and bearings for quiet operation and low maintenance
  for many years
- submerged and non-submerged use is possible

The number is representative of how many thousand litres it pumps. 
Eg; 1.3 is 1000lph, 3.3 is 3000lph etc.

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