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Aqua medic

Aqua Medic Plankton Light reactor II

Aqua Medic Plankton Light reactor II

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Aqua Medic Plankton Light Reactor II

The plankton light reactor II has a volume of approx. 5 l. The integrated 10 W LED light provides sufficient light for rapid production in a 24 hour period.

Phytoplankton can be fed to many filter feeding invertebrates such as coral or zooplankton. You can also use the reactor to cultivate zooplankton. The plankton light reactor II has two connections for simultaneous supply of air and CO2

A simple system for producing plankton in the natural food chain. Within the Aqua Medic plankton light reactor II, microalgae are cultivated using light, fertilizer, and the carbon dioxide content of the air. These can be fed directly to many filter-feeding invertebrates, or used to breed zooplankton.

The integrated 10 W LED light provides sufficient light for a good breeding rate. If the nutrient content is sufficient, the mass of the algae can quadruple in 24 hours. The Aqua Medic plankton light reactor II is equipped with two connections for the simultaneous supply of air and CO2. If there is a high demand for plankton, the CO2 content can be increased by pH control. There is a holder for a pH probe in the lid. With normal requirements, however, additional CO2 is not required.

For easy partial removal of plankton, there is a hose with dosing clamp and holder on the housing’s lid. Saltwater or freshwater algae, phytoplankton and zooplankton can be cultivated. For ventilation, we recommend our air pump Mistral 100 or larger types.


  • Diameter: app. 150 mm

  • Total height: app. 560 mm  including light

  • Hose connection: 2 x 4/6 mm

  • LED light: app. 10 W

  • Including hose with dosing clamp

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