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The Aqua Medic pH Monitor is a precision instrument for continuously monitoring the pH value of the aquarium water.

It can be mounted on the aquarium front or side glass or on the cabinet for constant and easy viewing.
The measuring range covers pH values from 0.00 to 14.00 and it is suitable for fresh and seawater aquariums.
pH Monitor accuracy is 0.01 pH.
The included calibration fluids allow an exact calibration of the pH electrode, which is connected to the pH Monitor by a cable with a BNC fitting.
To ensure accuracy the electrode should be cleaned and recalibrated every 4 weeks.

Package contains: pH Monitor, plastic pH probe with BNC plug, calibration fluids pH 4 and pH 7, 12v DC power supply and instructions.

Working temperature 0-50 degrees Celsius
Humidity: below 80%.
Do not mount the pH monitor inside a cabinet containing an open filter sump as excessive moisture may damage the sensitive electronics.
Warranty on the pH monitor is 24 months. The pH electrode has a warranty of 6 months.