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Aquarium Systems

Aquarium Systems Reef Shots Vitamins

Aquarium Systems Reef Shots Vitamins

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Reef Shot Vitamins :
Vitamins Reef Shot contains a mixture of vitamins and immunostimulants that work together to help fish and other aquatic organisms adapt and cope when introduced to new environments and stress that can occur with poor water quality conditions. Vitamins Reef Shot is a concentrated vitamin complex formula. It will intensify colour and increase resistance to coral disease. It aids the recovery of stressed and damaged corals.
Vitamins Reef Shot also neutralizes chlorine and chloramine, buffers against pH changes and detoxifies heavy metals. Vitamins Reef Shot should be used when doing partial water changes, during disease treatments and when fish are showing signs of stress.

Instructions : Shake well before use. Add a vial (20ml) of Vitamins Reef Shot per 200 litres (50 gallons) of water every week. A weekly change of 10-20% of the water using Reef Evolution salt is highly recommended in order to maintain optimum water quality. When adding the product, pour gently to the current in order to obtain even distribution.  Allow 5 minutes between the additions of any other product.  Do not mix different products together prior dosing. Direct contact with marine organisms should be avoided as high local concentration may be harmful.
Like all chemical products, it must be kept out of reach of children.
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