ATI Carbo Ex Air Filter

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ATI Carbo Ex - ready-to-use airfilter

Carbo Ex is a plug and play air filter which, in addition to the granulate for CO2 removal, also contains a fine dust filter.

As a result, the air is not only reduced in the concentration of CO2, but also is cleaned by dust.

The advantages:

- a higher and more stable PH value, as it also occurs in nature

- the algae growth is reduced by the lower CO2 concentration in the water

- at the same time, we increase the coral growth by the higher and more stable PH value

- Carbo Ex is a ready-for-use filter cartridge, which can be used directly The filter

- is ideal for aquariums up to ~ 700l with appropriate skimmer.

Connection: 8 x 10 mm Ø

supplied hose adapter: 7 x 10.5 and 10 x 14 mm

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