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Carib Sea

Carib Sea South Seas Shapes

Carib Sea South Seas Shapes

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Ditch the Old Rock Pile and Take Your Scape to the Next Level

  • 100% pest free
  • Unique shapes make aquascaping easy
  • Eco-Friendly - rock is not taken from the ocean

Aquascaping Made Easy

New South Seas Shapes bring open and multi-dimensional aquascaping to your saltwater aquarium. Each box contains 2 of the 12” arches, 1 cave, and 1 donut, so the only limit is your imagination. South Seas Shapes blend beautifully with other CaribSea South Seas rock, so you can easily create incredible, seamless aquascapes in your aquarium. Because this is a natural product, the exact shapes you receive will vary slightly.

Eco-Friendly & 100% Pest Free

CaribSea South Seas rock is minded from the ground rather than being harvested from the ocean like traditional live rock. This means there is no impact to the coral reefs that we try to re-create in our aquariums.

Arguably the biggest advantage with dry live rock is the lack of common reef tank pests. You won't find any aiptasia, vermetid snails, flat worms, or algae here! With no organics on the rock, there is no need for a lengthy curing process like some other rock types. Just give the rock a good rinse to remove any dust from shipping.

What's Included?

(2x) Arches
(1x) Cave Rock
(1x) Donut Rock

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