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Ecotech Versa 4 Pack & Base Station

Ecotech Versa 4 Pack & Base Station

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The All New EcoTech Versa is a particularly made fish tank peristaltic pump from EcoTech Marine. Far more than a traditional “dosing” pump, the Versa is very precise, durable, and flexible.

The Versa masters the accuracy reef tank pump applications, including; application, auto top-off (ATO), automatic water modifications, and also activator feeding.

  • Precision DC Stepper Motor with a global gearing system
  • Smart control w/BLE connection
  • Wide variety of application capabilities (.5 µL-300 mL/minute).
  • Durable construction.
  • Safeguards against overdosing and individual error.
  • Wireless communication onboard.
  • Easy Calibration & Programs with Mobius application.
  • Peaceful operation.
  • Modular style.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • 1 Year components and labor EcoTech guarantee.

Straightforward Programming & Calibration!

Using the Mobius application that is offered for all android as well as iOS devices will allow you easily adjust and also set your Versa pumps for a range of features.

Constant application over time.

  • Approximately 30 discrete dosing factors.
  • 3 application settings: automated, continuous or hands-on.
  • Assimilation with other EcoTech/Mobius equipment (e.g., feed mode).
  • Capability of over 200 Versa pumps per system.

The knowledgeable hobbyist will promptly understand what makes the Versa a clear choice as an accuracy aquarium pump. Those brand-new to this equipment will delight in the simplicity of Mobius control and smart tool cordless connectivity.

Circulation Range.

The Versa can be utilized for a wide variety of fish tank applications. Fine control of very small dosing amounts for additives or fluid salts, large quantity dispensing as part of an auto top off system, or for automatic water modifications.

Sturdy Building.

High ability and commercial-grade building imply the Versa can run greatly, consisting of in continuous use applications. Hard tubing that is conveniently exchangeable makes for outstanding long life with small effort to service.

Planetary Gear Drive.

The Versa’s drive arrangement is enhanced for precision and also durability– two crucial attributes for a precise yet durable marketleading peristaltic pump.

Mobius Programs.

Consisting of safeguards, catch-up, and also a myriad of other features. A specifying feature of EcoTech tools is the versatility and power of control used to the aquarium enthusiast. The Mobius app is packaging all this capability in a manner that makes programs as well as control user-friendly, fast, and also pain-free.

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