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Ecotech Versa Base Station

Ecotech Versa Base Station

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Ecotech Marine Base unit to connect in Versa dosing pumps. Keeps them nice and neat on one power supply.

Specifically designed peristaltic pump from Ecotech Marine.

Ecotech Versa Pump Pack of 4 with Base

Features and Benefits:

Its all about the Base

While you could easily purchase single Versa Dosing Pumps, the pack with the base gives two major advantages.
Firstly - there is just the one power pack rather then 4 with individual units to plug into power points.
Secondly - The base allows you also manually adjust the pumps for ease of use.

Specifically designed for the peristaltic pump from Ecotech Marine.

Modular Base Station and Power Supply.

Individual Pumps can be docked to the Base Station.
Comes with its own single power supply.

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