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Great White

Great White Return Pump

Great White Return Pump

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Sometimes these items may not be in our physical store front. Ordering in only takes a few days if not here at time of order.

These pumps are manufactured using heavy-duty products , and all come equipped with the ultra silent, ultra efficient DC pumps which are fully controllable. Dalua are nothing short of exceptional. And they are super quiet, less decibels than any comparable model.

Backed by the first-class customer service and post-sales assistance offered at Dalua Australia. 


20 Flow Settings -Control your pump speed in the slightest of increments

Detachable Controller - Waterproof union connection and adhesives for cabinet installation

Integrated Memory - Keeps programming even during power outages.

Feed Mode - Shuts down for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Submersible - Perfect as a return, closed loop, or reactor/filter pump.

Super Quiet Operation - Literally whisper quiet at less than 5 decibels


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