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Great White

Great White Skimmers AC

Great White Skimmers AC

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Crafted for performance and style

These skimmers are manufactured using heavy-duty acrylic to ensure longevity, and all come equipped with the Italian-made Eden pumps (AC version) which are absolutely bulletproof. If that wasn't enough they, are also plastic injection moulded which does literally mean unbreakable.

Powerhouse of efficiency

As for skimming power, there is nothing like it. Millions of tiny bubbles are produced every second, holding vast amounts of organics and nutrients that are easily captured and removed in the large collection chamber.  Each product has been rigorously tested in the toughest tank conditions and these protein skimmers by DALUA are nothing short of exceptional.

Very quiet and silky smooth

Super quiet with fewer decibels than any comparable brands. The Eden AC pumps are industry known for their long-lasting, never die workability. Backed by the first-class customer service and post-sales assistance offered at DALUA. Your tank will never feel cleaner and your fish and coral never happier.

  • Plastic-injected moulded body for that robust build and longevity
  • In-built neck air silencer
  • Quickest and simplest install and maintenance of any skimmer on the market
  • Precise water level control with the responsive gate valve
  • Rubber feet on both pump and skimmer base for zero vibration
  • Custom venturi measured precisely for the perfect air/water ratio to give you the perfect tune every time
  • The perfect skimmer for tight spaces and even the smallest of sump chambers
  • 52 decibel rating, the quietest in its class
  • What's Included?

    1x GW skimmer body

    1x GW collection cup

    1x Eden pump

    1x Custom venturi

    1x Bubble diffuser

    1x Instructions and how to tune guide 

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