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Aqua Illumination

Hydra Flex Arm

Hydra Flex Arm

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Aqua Illumination Hydra Flex Arm

*Light not included

Now you can easily mount your Hydra TwentySix or FiftyTwo LED light with one of the simplest methods available. The sleek look of the mounting arm is enhanced by the neoprene sleeve over the flexible portion of the mounting arm. The design of the arm mounting bracket lets the arm spin into the perfect position while holding the light securely, right where you want it. 


The mount is designed for rimless tanks, however they can be adapted to rimmed tanks fairly easily. 



Usable Length of Arm - 18"

Total Length of Arm - 20"

Max Tank Thickness - 1.0"


What's Included?

1x Hydra Flex Arm
1x Hydra Light Bracket
2x Tank Clamps
1x Arm Mount
3x Cable Clips
1x 3/32" Allen Key

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