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Kessil H80 Tuna Flora

Kessil H80 Tuna Flora

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Perfect light for Refugiums, promoting great macro algaes growth.

In true form Kessil releases the awaited H80 Flora with its small footprint but packs a punch with a 60cm surface area diameter making it an ideal entry for refugium LED light.

Not compatable with the A-Series Controller.

Please note: there is one light per package -

  • Control the Colour and intensity manually or
  • Controllable with optional Spectrum Controller
  • 15 Watt
  • LED array specifically designed and tailored for reef aquarium
  • Universal power supply: 100-240 Volts, 47-63 Hertz.

Full spectrum with UV and infrared-

The H80 Tuna Flora features for efficient spectrum - Blue, Grow, Bloom Red in one fixture.

Innovative heat dissipation allows for fanless, low maintenance, shell-shaped design. Advanced optics create smooth colour mixing and a beautiful shimmer.
Dense Matrix LED Array
Our unique, efficient Dense Matrix LED array is built in-house and packs high-power and deep penetration onto a single small chip.
Utilising our carefully designed optics and the Dense Matrix array, the A80 provides the most light per watt of any fixture have built so far.
Intensity and Penetration
Dense Matrix LED technology produces a concentrated single point source with enough power to penetrate past the canopy and deliver light to the entire plant. The high-quality optic design ensures minimal light loss and uniform plant growth.

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