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Reef Secrets

Marco Rock

Marco Rock

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The Aquascapers Dream Without a doubt, the most realistic and natural rock on the market. Mined from Florida washed and ready for your future aquarium.

With 3 styles of rock available you can create your underwater dream ! Extremely clean, 100% free of pests and nuisance algae, simply purchase by the kilo and start aquascaping!

Shelf Rock:

The most popular cut of Marco Rock. All natural shelf rock, chiselled directly off the edges of monster shelf pieces. These shelves offer amazing flat yes realistic platforms to glue down your favourite pieces. They also offer stunning levels that allow you to place your selection of corals easily based on their lighting requirements just like in the ocean. 

Foundation Rock:

All good construction starts with a solid foundation and aquascaping is no different. Probably the least used cut of rock but definitely the most important for that solid footing to build on. Best used at the bottom of your aquarium, these foundation rocks are the same s the basic reefsaver rock below, however they have been cut flat on one side so it's super stable to build on top of.

Basic Reef Saver

These are the rocks that build your caves and arches. The perfect cut of rock for those more intricate structures within your aquarium.


Product 100L tanks
300L tanks
500L tanks
Saltwater Freshwater Planted
Shelf Rock
15kgs 50kgs 75kgs YES YES NO
Foundation Rock
5kgs 15kgs 25kgs YES YES NO
Basic Reef Saver
10kg 30kgs 50kgs YES YES NO


Sold per kilogram. Minimum purchase 2 kilogram.

**Due to the shapes of particular pieces we cannot be held responsible for any breakages due to courier handling**

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