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Pacific sun

Pacific Sun Calcium Feeder Pro v3

Pacific Sun Calcium Feeder Pro v3

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Pacific Sun Calcium Reactor CalcFeeder PRO

The CalcFeeder are a family of revolutionary and innovative calcium reactors of the latest generation. They include optical sensors for measuring the amount of carbon dioxide in the reactor. This ensures trouble-free operation (no need to use a pH probe and expensive aquarium computer / controller to measure the acidity of the water). A controller with an external loudspeaker, which informs the customer of critical situations (jammed main pump, empty CO2 bottle, etc.) is also included. The CalcFeeder reactor is a fully autonomous and independent system to maintain the right calcium / carbonate hardness (and other macronutrients) in salt water aquariums. The reactor can be supplied with any metering pump with adjustable flow rate (as included in the PRO kit) or with the bypass (from the main pump) or the gravity (the least recommended solution). Includes sponge / foam pads for smaller media.

Each CalcFeeder PRO reactor includes:

  • Main Unit - Reactor CalcFeeder
  • A computer, which controls an optical sensor in the column reactor - and thus emits carbon dioxide by means of a solenoid valve
  • Built-in alarm for unnatural events - e.g. the lack of CO2 in the bottle
  • Solenoid valve with 4m PE hose
  • Metering Pump

1) CalcFeeder AC1 - for aquariums up to 800l
Media reactor volume - 7 liters / 7kg
Size: 230x390x550mm (WxDxH)

2) CalcFeeder AC2 - for aquariums from 300 to 1400 liters
Media reactor volume - 12 liters / 12 kg
Size: 290x430x550mm (WxDxH)

3) CalcFeeder AC3 - for aquariums from 500 to 2500 liters
Media reactor volume - 20 liters / 20 kg
Size: 340x490x580mm (WxDxH)

4) CalcFeeder AC4 - for aquariums from 800 to 4000 liters
Media reactor volume - 29 liters / 29 kg
Size: 370x520x580mm (WxDxH)

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