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Red Sea Max Series

Red Sea ReefCan

Red Sea ReefCan

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New ReefCan 

Hey Reef,Are you struggling to find a good spot for your top-off reservoir? Are you weary of refilling it every 2-3 days?No worries, Red Sea’s new ReefCans contain more RO water while taking up less valuable floor space. Designed with hobbyists' needs in mind, the ReefCan 18 & 40 can supply the ATO of a 200-litre or 500-litre tank with enough water for about a week. They can fit in the sump cabinet or behind the tank, can be refilled without having to remove the reservoir and disconnect its tubes & cables, and have a transparent plastic body with an embedded water scale that allows you to see how much RO water is left.   Check them out:
ReefCan features:
  • Slim & tall design that holds more RO water while taking up less floor space
  • Separate openings for the ATO pump cables and water refills 
  • Transparent plastic body with an embedded water scale 
  ReefCan 18 ReefCan 40
Volume 18L 40L
Height 55cm 55cm
Width 9cm 17cm
Depth 44cm 50cm

The ReefCans will be arriving to Certified Dealers soon.For more details about the Reefcans visit our product page.


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