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Reef Revolution

Reef Revolution F2 Algae Fertiliser

Reef Revolution F2 Algae Fertiliser

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Reef Revolution’s F/2 Algae Fertiliser is a 2 part complex chemical formulation containing essential major & minor trace elements including essential nutrients and vitamins for algae to thrive and boosts cell division. F/2 Fertiliser is an important part of raising healthy phytoplankton as healthy microalgae is a very important food source for many aquatic organisms and the phytoplankton will pass on its high nutritional value for the end user.

Before you start make sure all equipment is sterilised before adding culture media and algae culture to your culture vessel.
1ml of F/2 Algae Fertiliser A and B will make a total of  2 litre of culture media.
Once your culture media is ready add your algae culture to the culture vessel, be sure there is sufficient light and water agitation so the culture does not settle to the bottom of the culture vessel. For culturing diatoms add 1ml of F/2 Algae Fertiliser A and B and 2ml of 30% sodium silicate per litre of culture media.
-Deionised water 
-Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese, Molybdenum, EDTA
**250ml Bottle Size
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