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Two Little Fishies

ReMag Two Little Fishes

ReMag Two Little Fishes

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TwoLittleFishies ReMag is their new magnesium-rich media for use in calcium reactors. Use ReMag with ReBorn at a ratio of 1 part ReMag to 9 parts ReBorn to maintain the calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity levels in your reef aquarium water. ReMag is composed of extremely pure and soluble granules rich in magnesium carbonate. When used in a calcium reactor, ReMag gradually replenishes magnesium and carbonate alkalinity, perfect for maintaining the magnesium concentration and alkalinity in a reef aquarium. Directions Rinse ReMag briefly in tap water. Add ReMag to a calcium reactor at a ratio of 10% ReMag by volume to 90% ReBorn (or other aragonite media for calcium reactors) to replenish the calcium, magnesium, strontium and carbonate alkalinity that corals and coralline algae utilize to form their skeletons. Used as directed, ReMag easily maintains the ideal magnesium concentration of 1280 - 1300 mg/l in marine aquariums at a salinity of 1.025 - 1.026. If the magnesium concentration is lower than ideal, increase it first by using Two Little Fishies Magnesium Concentrate or Magnesium Pronto. After achieving a level of about 1300 mg/l, use ReMag in a calcium reactor to maintain the concentration. The coarse size of ReMag (5 - 10 mm) allows for unrestricted water flow and easy diffusion of carbon dioxide, for maximum efficiency and easy maintenance of the reactor. ReMag is soluble at a pH of 6.5. Even at typical aquarium pH values it is slightly soluble, so ReMag can be used in a sandbed to help maintain the magnesium level in the water. ReMag does not add chloride or sulfate ions that disturb the ionic balance of the water. Top off the reactor with more ReMag as needed. If ReMag does not maintain the magnesium concentration, do not reduce the pH inside the calcium reactor. Simply increase the ratio of ReMag:Reborn, but do not exceed 25% ReMag by volume as it could raise the alkalinity too high. Contents: calcium magnesium carbonate

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