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Striped Blenny - Captive

Striped Blenny - Captive

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Striped Blenny

Meiacanthus grammistes


In the aquarium, this species is at home in the water column where it is always on the hunt for zooplankton. It is especially hyperactive for a blenny. Though it does like to claim and defend a small, cave-like nest (something to provide in the aquascape!), it is generally out “in the open” and is not nearly as inclined to hide as other blennies. Unlikely behavior for a small reef fish, right? Why would such a small, colorful fish swim around so conspicuously–without apparent fear in the constant presence of hungry predators?

Yes, fang blennies actually have fangs. Two big ones in their lower jaw. And they are venomous. And just to be sure that the big fish know it, their aposematic colors/pattern serve as a clear warning of this. Rather than cause pain, the main purpose of the venom is to stun, relaxing the jaw long enough for the blenny to escape.

But never you worry, it isn’t a deadly poison. Reportedly, a bite from a striped blenny is something akin to a bee sting. Something you’d certainly prefer to avoid, but not life-threatening.

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