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Teco Chiller R290 Series

Teco Chiller R290 Series

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    • Chillers may need to be ordered. 3-5 business days . Plz call for stock. 
    • Efficient cooling technology
      Internationally-recognized high-end compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchangers provide high performance, low energy consumption and low noise levels.
    • Digital thermostat
      Intuitive controller with accurate temperature detection from 32 to 95°F (0o to 35oC). Closed loop temperature control system with extremely tight differential of 1°F. Displays in °F or °C, and audible alarms for certain situations.
    • Efficient design
      Solid and durable structure designed to guarantee near perfect protection against corrosion. Rotatable in-set water connections, rotatable exhaust conveyor, and smaller form-factor helps facilitate placement of chiller in confined spaces.
    • New gas regulations. Increased costs for R134a. R290: one of the best environmentally friendly alternatives (excellent GWP) with no direct effect on global warming. Increased COP (Coefficient of Performance). Low consumption and money saving. R290 allows efficiency improvement (up to 50% compared to standard versions). Consequently, lower CO 2 emissions to the atmosphere. R290: utilized in the most efficient appliances produced in Europe from last years with very positive results in million units running.
    • Running power of TK-500 240w, TK-1000 270w, TK-2000 350w at ambient room temperatures

*New series comes with wifi compatibility.

**Please note the TK-150 does not have the R290 Gas, only TK500, 1000 and 2000 models**


on all chillers 500,1000,2000
min flow 500 lph 

max flow 800 lph.

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