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WYSIWYG Blastomussa Frag 21

WYSIWYG Blastomussa Frag 21

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All corals do best in good stable water conditions.

please select corals that go with your fish and the corals around them. Corals will always compete for space so allow room to grow. 

good stable parameters allow corals to grow fast, Large Polyp stony corals with large impact and movement . Genrally found in lower sections on the reef or silted water . they do best under a higher kelvin spectrum too Small polyp Stony corals enjoy higher up and more flow around the colonies , then Soft corals grow in most areas of the reef in amongst the other corals. as with all hard corals they will uptake calcium , alkalinity and magnesiums ,strontiums help keep them healthy . 
make sure these levels are kept stable . 
corals are easy to grow in the right conditions. 

we aim for an

Alk of 7.3 

calcium of 430

magnesium of 1380

pitassium of 420

salinity 36ppm 

temps about 25-26 degrees . 

happy reefing . 
contact us if you have any questions .

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